George Town Literary Festival
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The George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) is an international literary festival celebrating world literature, translations and literary arts. Held annually in the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town, Penang, the festival was awarded ‘The International Excellence Awards 2018 for Literary Festival’. An initiative by the State Government of Penang, the GTLF remains one of the few free festivals open to the public. Since its first edition in 2011 with only five writers, the GTLF has grown to become Malaysia’s largest literary festival and one of the best literary festivals in the world.

GTLF 2018: The State of Freedom
The State of Freedom is significant as 2018 marks many milestones in contemporary history. Seventy years ago in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations in the recognition of fundamental human rights for all. A hundred years ago in 1918, women got to vote in the UK, after years of struggle and strife by the suffragette movement, and in 1968, Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated and the civil rights movement in America reached an ugly head. Ten years ago, Kevin Rudd said Sorry to the aboriginal peoples of Australia. And on May 9th this year, our country peacefully and democratically, exercised its right as a nation. The George Town Literary Festival 2018 celebrates our most diverse voices in world literature and the many states of freedoms we continue to live, write and struggle in.